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Teaching Kids About Migration

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

drsuessI recently found a really fun, interactive way for children to learn about migration. PBS kids has made an online game featuring Dr. Seuss and a flock of, you guessed it, PURPLE MARTINS! How cool is that?!? In Migration Adventure, kids learn all about how and why birds migrate. It’s a teaching tool masked in an online video game that is as safe as it comes. And we all know kids learn best when they don’t even realize they are being taught! Check it out and have your little one play. Also (on the theme of kids and learning) our website has a couple of great kids books. A purple martin book made specifically for children and a darling beginner reader book about a swallow that also teaches cooperation, friendship and about migration.

My Best Nest, a hardcover children’s picture book, is filled with vibrant and active illustrations that allow the reader to follow a mother Purple Martin swallow during her first day of nest building. A short natural history section with color photos is included for parents, grandparents and teachers. A bonus plus is this book is autographed by the author/illustrator Ree Dellinger. Truly a work of art, each page is beautiful and proceeds of this book go to benefit migratory birds and wildlife conservation efforts.

Follow the Swallow is a cool for early readers between 5 and 7 years old. Vivid illustrations and large text and also balloon inserts that kids find irresistible and exciting. Written by award winning author, Julia Donaldson, who has written books such as Spinderella, The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom.

June 8, 2008

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

What a hot day. We were all out by the pool and my husband gave me a few minutes alone outside. He took the boys in to get ready for their nap. I was floating in the water looking up at the sky. About 8 of my birds were soaring and floating way up. Silently drifting around and around. Like Chinese paper kites. One following the other in a long lazy trail. Round and around…it was a serene and beautiful moment and I almost wished I could stay out there all day. Oh, no sunscreen! Ouch, time to get out and listen to screaming kids!

Gourd 8 is fast approaching fledge day. They are at the opening now. Peering out. It has a round opening and they seem so exposed. Next year I will do away with all round openings. I will try to use tunnels allot more also.