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Red Shouldered Hawk on the Prowl

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

The Red tailed hawk continues to make half hearted passes at the purple martins but I have yet to actually witness any kills. (knocking on wood frantically)  I have seen the hawk looking for the mockers nests and perched low in branches looking for snakes and what not. Today’s pass at where the mockers are nesting was too close for comfort. Though I do not think he actually found the nest, he was looking and the mockingbird parents were being brave, if not foolish in their attempts to distract the hawk. Pass after pass the mockingbirds dove his head, a small annoyance to the hawk. The hawks gaze was intense and though I am unsure if he actually saw the nest. It could be that he was not interested in eggs and is just keeping up to date with the happenings in the nest. Perhaps he will return when the nestlings are a more satisfying meal. If the neighborhood crow does not get there first.

The martins are doing well and today I saw Chimney Swifts for the first time. I have heard people describe them as flying cigars before, but today I realized what an apt and fitting description that really is. Almost as if the have no tail and wings fluttering faster than a martins, they twittered loudly. The martins flew about not as interested in the swifts as the swifts seemed interested with them. They stayed, flying about for about 3-4 minutes until finally flying off. Not a very attractive call, the twittering reminded me of the clicking of dolphins. But then again, compared to my beloved Purple Martins, no bird sings as sweet.

May 30, 2008

Friday, May 30th, 2008


It’s crazy! I look up and one after another baby is on the porch and giving flying a go. Its absolutely great. The 6×6 compartment in the plastic barn is venturing out. They are at 30 days old and plenty ready. I think it’s great that they made it so long. 5 big fat babies in a tiny 6×6 compartment. The mom is looking ratty and is missing a large patch of feathers on the back of her neck. The compartment has a crescent opening so it may be from her habit of sitting in the door way; head out.

Then as I was standing below the housing taking pictures I look down and there was a tiny Mockingbird nestling, begging for food. Its big pink mouth opening and waiting. I picked it up and put it back in its nest. Mom and her(?) 3 other nest mates, didn’t seem to miss her too much. I’ll have to keep my eye open on that one. That baby mockingbird would have been snake food for sure. Between the snakes, crows, hawks and the cats, it would not have made it through till tomorrow. Ugly little thing…but soooo cute.