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Purple Martin Pre-Migratory Roost Spectacular

Friday, June 26th, 2009

New Roost @ the Tower Shops in Davie

I finally made it to the new location of the Davie roost. The Tower Shops. I got there early, about 7:15 pm and thought instantly that I was going to have a problem. Unlike the old roost location at the Davie Road Racetrac gas station. This plaza was HUGE! A gigantic and busy strip mall with 4 big anchor stores, a Costco, Home Depot, several large restaurants, fast food joints and a Chevron gas station, all on one huge corner lot that had to be a mile wide.

A quick glance around and i saw a few token martins but more Starlings and Grackles than anything. I was meeting Julie Levin from the Sun-Sentinal and not only did i want to see a show, I wanted her to see it too. There is nothing more fun than sharing your OCD obsession with someone who hasn’t heard you talk about it before. Lord knows my poor husband is OVER birds at this point. By the time August comes around he can’t wait for me to take all the bird houses down and get back to being “normal”.

When 8 pm rolled around and all I saw was a few distant swirls of maybe 100 birds I thought I was going to be in for a huge let down but I was not to be disappointed…not tonight. By 8:25 I was surrounded by my birds. All over as far as the eye could see. The video camera does the scene no justice. For every 2 inches of sky you see with the camera, there is 180 degrees of more of the same. Thousands of birds twirl with distant dots of more birds behind them coming at you as if it were never going to stop. Almost as if God was pouring purple martins out of the sky and onto your lap. It was a true joy to watch and I could visit every night.

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June 24, 2008 Saying our Goodbyes

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

My last 3 babies of 2008. Such a quiet trio. You wouldn’t even know they were there. I often go out under the housing to see if I can see their beaks peeking out. The gourd they are in faces out towards the yard, away from the house, so it is hard to see whats going on. I listen and can sometimes hear them chirp only when momma martin is nearby. Sometimes I see the gourd shake slightly as they beat their wings frantically doing their pre-flight warm ups preparing them for flight. I am unsure as to how many remain in the gourd. I thought perhaps one had fledged but I can not be positive. I can not risk bringing the house down to check, as they are too close to fledging. 

The numbers continue to decrease. Only 15 or so martins at a maximum. The weather has NOT been cooperative. I keep talking about visiting the Davie roost but have yet to hear when the weather will break.