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A Big Hello to the Purple Martin Society, NA-RTC!

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Greetings all! I want to first thank Terry and the Purple Martin Society for the privilege she has extended to me. To post my blog on such a platform as the PMS, NA Round Table Conferences, is an honor. It’s not everyday that someone wants to hear me talk about “my” birds. Though I have been blogging quite regularly (since March of 08) on this blog site, other than my faithful handful of followers, people don’t know me from Adam. So I am grateful and thrilled to expand my audience of those, like me, afflicted with this Purple Condition. Thankfully the cure will arrive, for me, in about 89 days. 

So here I am. Let me be clear that I DO NOT consider myself any authority. There are many fine men and women that have been hosting Purple Martins all over this continent, far longer than I. I tip my cap to you. I only aim to voice my perceptions of my humble colony. So far my blogging has served as a glimpse into the world of being a Purple Martin Landlord for those that are venturing into this endeavor for the first time. What my blog will become, over time, I can not say. I can only say, “Let’s enjoy the ride.”

If you have not visited the Purple Martin Society, NA-Round Table Conferences, please check them out. My blog will be appearing there as “Susan’s Purple Martin Blog”

God Bless

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