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March 24, 2008 Nest Check

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Today was a nest check.  I am overall very pleased. A total of 18 eggs in 4 active nests. All are in gourds.  My pair on nest cam is now incubating a total of 5 eggs.

 I was disappointed that the completed nest that was “attacked” by the starling has been abandoned by the ASY pair. The beautiful nest now houses a lone ASY male. Several other nests that I have seen nest building activity seem to be in a holding pattern. Could be due to some on and off rainy/windy weather that may have postponed things. Though today was pleasant, the weather turned windy and cool with temps expected to go into the 50’s tonight. Nest building, I am sure, will resume in a day or two. 

 It appears some SY males and females that may have decided to stay but no compartments are available. 2 birds were attempting to get into compartments well after sunset in almost complete darkness. One finally squeezed into a compartment under the obvious protest of its current tenants. The other may have flown off into the dark to roost in a tree. Tomorrow I will attempt to hang 1 or 2 more gourds.

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